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In order to keep everyone safe,  we will be operating with curbside drop-off and pick-up only and following strict protocols.  Please read and follow  booking instructions, as well as, the new drop-off and pick-up protocols. Due to extra expenses brought on by COVID, we have added a $5 COVID survival fee to every bath and groom ticket.

Online booking

  • Please press the book now button on our home page to book online

  • Make sure VIP Grooming is showing in the top left corner of the booking page.  

  • Please read and sign this VIP Release Form

  • Enter your credit card information where indicated (keep in mind that this information is only used to hold the appointment and to charge if you do not show up.  It can not be used to pay for your services)

Before your appointment

You will only be able to talk to someone briefly when you drop your dog off.  If you have specific instructors for your service provider, please e-mail them to us at  If you have a photo reference for the hair cut you would like, please email that to us as well. 



  • Please do not block any nearby drive ways when you pull in to drop off your dog.

  • When you get to our location please press the white button to the right of the door.

  • Someone will come to get your dog.

  • Please be patient as we may have dogs in tubs and on tables that we have to safely deal with before we can come to get yours and it may take a few minutes.

  • You may have a brief conversation with the person who comes to collect your dog IF you wear a mask and keep your distance.


Important Note: It will be very hard for us to give you a pick-up time

Please plan on your dog staying with us for the majority of the day. For safety reasons, we will be washing all of the dogs first and then starting the individualized services.  Therefore, we will not be able to give you an exact pick-up time but will text you when they are ready for pick up. If you believe it would be too difficult for your dog to be with us that long, send us an e-mail and we will see if we can make an exception.


When your dog is ready

  • We will text you to let you know your dog is ready for pick up.

  • Please let us know you are on your way or when you will come pick up.

  • We can be flexible as long as you pick up before we close.

  • If you would like to tell us a tip amount ahead of time, it will make check out a little easier.



  • Press the white button to the right of the door and someone will bring your dog out to you.

  • If you have a credit card on file with us, that would be the easiest way to pay.  You can also pay with a cc, check, or cash.

  • Please remember to add a tip for your hard-working bather and/or groomer.

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