Lancy Woo - Owner, Lead Groomer

Lancy was born and raised in the heart of San Francisco.  She has always been drawn to animals and even as a young child remembers wanting to be around them as much as possible. Lancy has been a Bay Area groomer for over 20 years and truly loves what she does. Lancy is a WWPSA (Western Word Pet Supply Association) certified dog groomer and continues to hone her skills through workshops and courses. VIP is not just her job, it is her passion

When Lancy took over ownership of VIP, she wanted to be the best shop in town by providing exceptional service and creating a fun and loving atmosphere for the animals. She wanted to create a family; a place where everyone loved coming to work and everyone felt taken care of, a place where pet owners felt known and where they knew their animals were being cared for by loving hands.  It is important for her to know she is making a difference in the life of every dog that enters VIP’s doors. She believes she has created this at VIP and so does the community who voted VIP Best in the Bay 6 times.

Veronica (Vicky) - Groomer

Veronica hails from Buenos Aries, Argentina, and arrived in the US in 2001. One day, while daydreaming about the things she loved, she made a shortlist: Dogs, Nature, Art & Music. She sought out Lancy at VIP and began training in 2013. “... grooming is Art & the positivity and energy behind it are so important. I’m so happy to be in a place where I can use my hands to create in such an amazing way!”

Adam - Groomer

Adam is a full-time groomer and volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He loves working with new puppies and shy or fearful dogs. His gentle demeanor and patience benefit all the dogs he grooms, especially the ones he introduces to the grooming process. His specialties include shorter tailored styles, doodles of all shapes and sizes, and large double-coated dogs.

Hidayo - Groomer

Hidayo has always loved animals and has owned pets ( dogs) since her childhood. They gave her happiness and joy, and she takes great pride in caring for them. If there’s anything she can do to help a dog feel clean, look good, and remain healthy, then she’ll always be a groomer!

Alysia - Bather

Alysia loves working with animals. Dog grooming teaches her so much about unconditional love and compassion. We are in this together. She needs them as much as they need her. She’s so proud to be a part of the compassionate and professional VIP team.


Dennise - Bather

Dennise has been working with pups for 11 years from boarding to grooming. They love all ages and size of pups. Their favorite pups are the seniors and Pitbulls.

Jacqueline (Jackie) - Bather

Jaqueline was born and raised in the Bay Area, has always liked working with animals. Her favorite animal is the koala bear because they sleep all day and eat eucalyptus. In her free time, she likes to ride her bike with her dogs, Struby and Finley.

Brian - Scheduler

Brian works in a variety of industries handling logistics. His background is in hospitality and he prides himself in bringing a personal touch to each of his client interactions. His goal is to ensure a high-quality experience for each client and fur baby.