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Meet Our Team

We are proud of what we do and below is a little bit behind the why. Thanks for trusting us with your dogs' grooming needs.

Dennise - Owner / Groomer

Dennise has been a groomer since 2009. Her specialties are senior comfort grooms, First time puppies, Pups with disabilities, and aggressive dogs. She loves working on her double coated pups as well. She is a well rounded groomer that thrives on perfection but most importantly makes sure that the pups are not stressed or being forced groomed. She goes at their pace, gains their respect and makes sure they always leave with a happy wagging tail.


Adam - Groomer

Adam is a full-time groomer and cat dad. He loves working with new puppies and shy or fearful dogs. His gentle demeanor and patience benefit all the dogs he grooms, especially the ones he introduces to the grooming process. His specialties include shorter tailored styles, doodles of all shapes and sizes, and large double-coated dogs.

Alysia - Groomer

Alysia loves working with animals. Dog grooming teaches her so much about unconditional love and compassion. We are in this together. She needs them as much as they need her. She’s so proud to be a part of the compassionate and professional VIP team.


Esmy - Groomer

My name is Esmeralda, I was born & raised in Salinas California. Growing up I loved anything that let me express my creativity & had pets of all kinds. I started as a bather in 2018 while I was a freshmen in College majoring in Psychology. My inspiration to switch career paths began when I saw an opportunity for growth & the positive impact I made on our furry friends & their families so I wanted to offer more! It has now been five years since and I have groomed almost all over Monterey county. When I put on my smock, I like to be called  “The Fairy Dog Groomer”. I specialize in color work and tending to dogs who may need a little extra attention. I am new to the Bay Area &  excited to see where this new journey takes me, let me work my scissor magic and see what I can do for your four legged friend!

Jamie - Groomer

My name is Jamie, and my core passions in life revolve around the natural world. My favorite thing to do during free time is going outside into nature where I can share space with the native insects. I have been grooming about six years, and love it because I have always considered myself an artist but also have an eye for the technical. Here I get to express both while working with dogs!


Lancy -  Groomer Teacher

Lancy was born and raised in the heart of San Francisco.  She has always been drawn to animals and even as a young child remembers wanting to be around them as much as possible. Lancy has been a Bay Area groomer for over 20 years and truly loves what she does. Lancy is a WWPSA (Western Word Pet Supply Association) certified dog groomer and continues to hone her skills through workshops and courses. VIP is not just her job, it is her passion. 

Norma - Groomer

Norma is from Nicaragua, she grew up on a farm, and has been taught to love animals of all shapes and sizes. She used to have a little goat as a pet, named George, he was the most intelligent and sweet creature. She has been grooming dogs for about 10 years, all sizes, breeds, and ages. She likes to make our furry friends feel comfortable and secure while grooming, so they will enjoy the process a little more.


Zaul - Groomer

Zaul recently joined the VIP team. He joins us part time, on the weekends, and offers a plethora of knowledge and grooming experience. He's been working with dogs sine he was 14 and has been grooming for 8+ years. He enjoys working at VIP because it helps connect him to the Noe Valley community. In his spare time he likes to bike and run.

Jose - Bather

Jose is from Nicaragua. He graduated from veterinarian school back in my country, and worked as a veterinarian assistant in Spain for a year. He has been working with animals for about 7 years. 2 years ago he discovered his passion for grooming. He is very careful and pay close attention to details,  He likes the dogs he grooms to smell good and feel happy after their spa day.


Brian - Owner / Administrative

Brian works in a variety of industries handling logistics. His background is in hospitality and he prides himself in bringing a personal touch to each of his client interactions. His goal is to ensure a high-quality experience for each client and fur baby.

Leah - Bather

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