Congratulations on your new family member! All of us at VIP know the sheer and overwhelming excitement that comes with having a new fur baby come into our lives. We love to watch them grow and change with the VIP Family as much as you do at home. This page is designed to provide information on what to expect when it comes to grooming them for the first few visits. 


First and foremost, our goal is to set your pup up for a lifetime of successful grooms. This is a delicate process that takes the skill of our groomer and the training of your pet. There are some things you can do at home to help get the training started. 


At home training can included all or some of the items listed. Depending on the breed/coat each pup is handled differently. If brushing is required, we encourage you to start that process early and frequently. The brush is the most common tool our groomers use. We want to make sure your pet understands it is not the enemy and is their friend but not a toy 😉. A blow dryer is also another tool that is used on each dog. Use it on their body and stomach and avoid the face initially. You can also help us out by playing with their paws. Nail trims are scary for dogs. The sensation and sounds that come with it are very foreign to them. Desensitizing their paws early will only help create a more positive experience while they are with us. A pro tip: treats always help. Dogs cannot focus on more then one thing at a time and treats usually take priority. 


The first visit to our shop is all about introduction. There are many sounds and sensations that your dog will experience on the first visit. The bathing process, blow dryer, brushing, scissors, and Dremel are all common. Our goal on the first, and possibly second, visit is to desensitize your pup to all those items. We will follow the pace that your dog allows. We will not overwhelm them. That would create a traumatic experience for them. Please, do not expect a full haircut on the first visit, no matter how well you have worked with your pup at home the grooming shop is completely different and will take at least one visit for them to get used to. Their first visit is listed on our menu as “First Time Puppy Experience”. This service included a works bath, face, feet, sanitary, and nail trim. If required, we can add a tail trim. The cost, breed/coat dependent ranges from xxx to xxx. Again, this is all provided so long as the dog allows us to continue. 


Following the first visit the groomer that worked with your fur baby will let you know how they did and if they are ready for a full haircut or if they will need another bathing experience to further desensitize them. After they are set up for success, we will book the “Puppies First Haircut” for them based on a groomer that matches their personality, breed, and coat. 


Lastly, we do recommend a consistent schedule for the dog. For convenience we can create a recurring schedule for you to ensure a spot on our schedule as well as a consistent routine for the pup. For example, you could book an appointment that occurs every 6 weeks on Monday at 9am.