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"To be effective and connect with the animal you must come from your heart, always keep your cool and never lose your sense of aesthetic."


Dog grooming is an art form.  It’s not just about procedure and technique, but also about understanding animal behavior and mastering dog handling and control. With ten to twenty times more hair than most humans, dogs’ coats get tangled and matted and there may be sores or irritations hiding underneath. Your dog cannot simply tell us when something is sensitive or tender or downright painful so we must always be paying attention to the subtle signs of non-verbal language. Playfair Display

Through all of this, we attempt to provide an enjoyable bathing and grooming experience even when we need to perform  unpleasant tasks like cleaning out ear infections. That’s why our shop is a completely open space where all procedures can be viewed at all times and your dog never feels isolated. We do not kennel your dog (except for drying purposes) unless he/she shows unmanageable aggression or has special needs. When your dog is not being washed or groomed it wanders around freely, playing with the other dogs, receiving treats and lapping up water, getting pats on the head and belly scratches, leaving nose prints on our window, and sometimes barking up a storm. It is a loud, lively, playful environment.  It is truly a place for dogs.



We wash every dog twice with one of over 20 different types of top of the line shampoos and conditioners in order to give each individual dog the best bath they can get. The first wash is designed to get your dog clean where the second wash is designed to actually treat and condition the skin and coat. We will only use products on your dog that we would use on our own. We have tried many products over the years and have come to know what works best for each skin condition.  We look at your dog’s coat and determine what best suits your dog’s hair needs ie: reduce tangling, reduce shedding, soften the coat, strengthen the coat, add shine, etc. 

We will then apply a conditioner to the coat if needed.


We can treat 

  • Sensitive skin

  • Allergies

  • Geriatric dogs

  • Arthritis

  • Skin that needs healing 

  • and/or administer flea treatments.  



Every dog gets our facial with your choice of two scented options or our unscented face wash. This facial brightens the face and decreases tear stains. We also clean the ears and check for wax build-up or debris in the ear canal.  We will then apply an additional conditioner to the coat if needed.


First, we use forced air dryers to wick away moisture from the coat. Then we will either blow-dry your dog or towel dry them according to their needs and then we fluff dry and brush if appropriate for your breed.  We carefully brush each dog removing light mats and tangles to prepare them for grooming. The coats of different breeds react differently to brushing. 

We will always do what is best for your dog so as to minimize discomfort and ensure they are not accidentally harmed.  


Proper nail care is important to a dog’s health because split nails can lead to infections. It is also necessary to ensure other animals or humans are not accidentally harmed while playing with your pet.  Making certain all nails are properly filed can also minimize accidental damage to floors and furniture.  Unless specified otherwise, we will cut your dog’s nails down as far as safely possible, and then we will Dremel all rough edges to ensure a smooth finish.  This provides the ultimate comfort for your dog and peace of mind for you.


We specialize in pet-friendly cuts that ensure a relaxing stress-free experience for your pooch while making certain they feel good with an easily maintained coat. That's why every VIP Haircut starts with the VIP BATH because a well-bathed, properly dried, and brushed dog is key to providing an excellent cut.


Because grooming is the skill of chasing moving targets with sharp objects, we work hard to gracefully sculpt their unruly coats while staying focused on the safety and happiness of your dog. First, we trim all the fur between the pads of the feet. Then we do clipper work and hand scissor with the best possible detail. We have many clients that just love what we do with their Bichons, Shitzus, Terriers, Poodles, and Schnauzers, etc. If there's a specific cut you would like, we always appreciate a photo of the style for reference.


We always put the care and comfort of your dog first. If your dog has significant matting, we will advise you of the need and additional fee associated to de-mat. This will entail deep conditioning your dog to help loosen the matting and then work up to 20 minutes to remove the matting.


If the matting is over 40% of your dog’s body and cannot be removed effectively by brushing, then we will have to shave or cut mats out to minimize discomfort and ensure they are not accidentally harmed. This means a cut may not look as attractive as an owner may like because we have to work around those spots we had to shave.  

We always appreciate your patronage and like other service providers, we groomers appreciate tips for a job well done!
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Drying and Brushing
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