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The VIP Treatment

Why the VIP Bath?

VIP Grooming provides an environment that ensures a safe and high-quality bath for your dog. We understand that each dog, like their personality, is unique. Taking time to access each coat allows us to give a spa like experience to your pup.














We start with a double bath. The first cleans away the dirt and grime. We work the lather to the skin and each part of their body. The second bath is to condition and treat the skin and coat. No matter what your dog needs, we have your covered.


We treat the following conditions to

send them home feeling

better than ever.

  • Sensitive skin

  • Allergies

  • Geriatric dogs

  • Arthritis

  • Skin that needs healing 

  • and/or administer flea treatments.







The second step in our five-step process is a facial and ear cleaning. Just like humans, dogs require special attention to their face and ears. We make sure to take extra care when cleaning the sensitive areas of the face and ears. Proper ear cleaning ensures that the risk of infection and odor are kept to a minimum.

The third part of the bathing process is drying your dog to completion. We use forced air dryers to free your dog of excess water. Next, depending on the coat we either towel dry or use a constant, warm, and soft air dryer to bring out their perfect coat.






Fourth, we brush, brush and brush some more. We will remove tangles and light matts from the coat. Making sure that the present their best selves is the name of our game. Each coat is unique, and we make sure to tailor the brushing experience to the individual dog.






Finally, we give your dog a pedicure. Leaving your hardwood floors intact is an added bonus to your dogs overall comfort. Long nails can leave room for infection and risk of injury to yourself, others and your pet. We will trim as short as possible to ensure a safe experience
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