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Some Good News


Thank you all for e-mailing and calling the City of San Francisco on behalf of Dog Grooming businesses. The SF Health Department has added a provision to the Shelter in Place order which now allows dogs to be groomed at a grooming salon if it is deemed medically necessary by a veterinarian.


If you feel your dog needs professional grooming to ensure his/her wellbeing, take the following steps so we can help.



  1. Click here for the form letter 

  2. Take the letter with you or e-mail it to your veterinarian before your visit.

  3. If your veterinarian determines that grooming is necessary for your dog, they must fill out and sign the form.

  4. E-mail the form to

  5. After we receive your signed letter,  we will contact you to set up an appointment and explain our Covid-19 safety protocols.


We must stress that we can not make an appointment with out a completed and signed form that we can show to the health department.  No exceptions.


We know not everyone reads these e-mails so feel free to share this information with any dog owners that might need our services right now.


Rest assured, we are still working with the city to get Dog Grooming approved to open in June. Thank you all again for your continued support, during this difficult time.

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